Midwest startup?

by Kaitlin Coons

A recent review of venture capital trends by PitchBook paints a realistic picture of the places startup organizations are choosing to begin business.  Despite the ubiquity of flexible working options, the coasts still dominate the startup sphere.   On the contrary, TechCrunch magazine has coined 2015 the Year of the Midwestern Startup.    With the Securities and Exchange Commission’s recent broader rules regarding investor support, individuals are becoming more apt to back companies based in Chicago and Indianapolis. There are several reasons why the Midwest is an attractive place to begin your new business.  These five Midwestern startups have embraced the lower overhead costs found in America’s heartland.  Startups also have access to graduates of countless Midwestern universities that produce top talent in technology degrees.  The Midwest is known for a flexible and family-friendly atmosphere that is attractive to many job seekers.

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