Ostensibly Optimistic About Optimization

by Patrick Jessup

My sister forwarded this article to me. It's worth a read, containing several useful, time-saving tips that I've read elsewhere. I've put of few of these into practice. Sporadically.

There lies the rub. I frequently encounter these proffers of useful, time-saving techniques with a feeling of, "Wow, all of that together sounds like eating an elephant, I don't even have a fork." Okay, one bite at a time. I got this.

Thus, I am ostensibly optimistic.

I'm going to make it easier on you. Here's one tip in the aforementioned article that I'll distill down for you. GET UP AND MOVE! I'm sure you've seen the articles proclaiming that sitting is killing you. This may be true, I don't know. What I do know is that you will be more focused and have more energy if you exercise. This is one bite of the elephant I've implemented (a lean protein bite, of course).

If you're having difficulty setting aside a period for exercise during the day, why not do it at the office? You're already supposed to get up from your desk and move, so move with purpose. This neat little site is full of body-weight exercises, many of which can be done in your office. Best part, it's free! (Donations encouraged.) I'll wager you'll be surprised at the efficacy of the workout you can accomplish in a short period of time with little or no equipment.

Just don't work too hard or your odor may make your next meeting a little awkward. ;-)