Think of us as your outside in-house corporate counsel.

Managing your business means you experience some roadblocks and opportunities as you move forward. No surprise there. Having Clements & Shackle at the ready has several benefits. Not to mention our simple, straightforward approach to teaming up with you. We’ll roll-up our sleeves and work directly with you to execute. The result? You get the personal attention that you need and you’ll never feel like a little cog in a big-firm machine.

We’ll work with you to take your business from seed, to startup, helping to guide your business’s growth and establishment, through to its expansion and maturity.


We will hold a team meeting with you at the start of any engagement. We want to develop an in-depth understanding of your business, its landscape and legal requirements. Representing your business’s interests in relationship to external parties (dispute resolution, complex transactions, negotiations, regulatory matters) is best accomplished once we share your goals and challenges. 

We’ll ask you about your service preferences before, during and after each engagement. We‘ll pursue your work conscientiously and without delay and we’ll work together with you to establish time specific goals and objectives that meet your needs. We provide documentation that outlines the scope of the legal services to be provided; the potential timeline for handling the matter; a list of the client team members and alternate service contact, with their fields of expertise; and our lawyers’ contact information.


We become a part of your management team. We tailor our service offerings to better meet the needs and demands of your business in the short term and long term and we’ll ask you about your service preferences before, during and after each engagement. 

We keep current with developments in your industry, reading industry publications and participating in industry organizations. We will maintain effective channels of communications including keeping you informed of all significant developments in your legal matter and responding to your contact in a timely fashion.


We maintain a long-term relationship, which makes for even better service. All of us at Clements & Shackle recognize that your business needs and the industries you work in are in a constant state of change.  

As a result, our client service efforts must constantly change in order to keep pace. As such, our client service efforts always begin with a benchmark survey of your satisfaction – to know where we’re starting from and how we can improve.  Our surveys continue on a regular basis, with your feedback used to continuously improve our credo and standards.

The Clements & Shackle Written Service Guarantee

Call your current lawyer and leave a message to return your call.  Wait an hour or two (to give your lawyer a decent head start), then call one of our lawyers and leave the same message.  See who calls you back first.  We’re betting it’ll be us.  If it’s not, we’ll buy you lunch and donate $100 to your favorite charity.