We’re well versed in government relations. Now you are too.

Whether it’s Federal, state or local, city councils, county courts or board and commissions, government relations and how you work and play with them is a different world all together. For small and start up businesses that need help with government relations, it can be especially challenging without the right support. Clements Legal bring years of government experience and counseling to our clients. We’ll also be there to help with representation on administrative and regulatory proceedings as they happen.

  • Business Incentives

  • Negotiating State and Local Incentives for Startup and Small Businesses

  • Insurance Regulation

  • Utility Regulation

  • Research, Drafting, and Lobbying Resources

  • Public Disclosure Law and Regulations

  • Municipal Bonds

  • Federal, State, and Local Government

  • Local Government Representation

  • Licensing and Registration

  • Freedom of Information Act Issues and Advice