Meet the team that is made up of entrepreneurs first. Lawyers next. 

The best relationships—personal and professional—are built on trust, understanding, and communication. When challenges arise, you want to know someone has your back. When you own or operate a small business in Central Indiana, that someone is Clements Legal Group, a firm focusing on government and entrepreneurship law. 

Drawing on 30-plus years of experience in the public and private sector, the attorneys at Clements Legal advise growth-stage companies, startups, and aspiring entrepreneurs, like you, looking to take the next step. We know the entrepreneur is a rarer breed. We like to think we have a unique approach. Where others just see risk, we see your opportunity.

We provide counsel to clients at every stage of growth because all of us at Clements Legal recognize that new opportunities can develop at any time. We’ve worked with businesses that range from a tech startup seeking initial funding, to a manufacturing company looking to break into a new market, and an accounting firm wanting to change its perspective. And we regularly advise clients in matters of employment, financing, contract drafting, litigation, and government relations. 

Your business growth is a result of moving forward as the market allows. At Clements Legal, we have the ability to effectuate the growth of your business while eliminating potential problems. We work hand-in-hand with companies on economic development possibilities. 

The stage of your business, your business’s current financial situation, and opportunities within the market are all factors. We consider all of those components to determine the best strategic approach for each individual company.

No matter the client or service, it is the relationship that reigns supreme at Clements Legal. It isn’t about a billable hour. It’s about the confidence you get knowing we understand your situation and that we’re here, at the ready, to help and support you.